Participation in a fair tourism trip to Tunisia based on the crafts of the village of Ouedref. The Mergoum.
The mergoum, is a woolen ground carpet woven and embroidered on a double cotton chain that gives it a rigid and solid appearance even through wear and weather. Heavier and thicker than other types of carpets, it is made according to the oldest traditions (from the centuries 900 to 1200 b J.C) regarding weaving methods by the artisans of the village of Ouedref (South Mediterranean).
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The journey involves; 

  • A visit to a region of the North East, one of the most beautiful beaches of Tunisia, a historic place. We will be in a homestay, in front of the Mediterranean Sea. El Haouaria. EL Haouaria; which means ; air for the lungs. Indeed, this little corner of paradise has three streams of air and three streams of water that intersect respectively at a point where the mountain takes over.
  • A crossing of the country to the doors of the Sahara, in the only coastal oasis in the world, where the sea and the Sahara meet; Gabes. To land after 10 km in the village of Ouedref.
  • Eat by the road, a Tunisian specialties.
  • A quick visit of the first Arab Muslim capital of Africa; Kairouan. Admire its ancient construction and enjoy Muslim art.
  • A stay in Ouedref, in a guest house in the oldest district and the first tribe of the village LOUATA.
  • A visit of the surroundings; the troglodyte village of Matmata and other Berber cities around.

Meetings and actions:

A- Meeting with the guide and the project manager; Gmati Oussema at Tunis-Carthage airport.

B- Direction el Haouaria; 2 hours drive from the airport.

C- Installation and meeting with the inhabitant.

D- Departure to Ouedref; 4 hours to the village.

E- Stop, lunch break.

F- Tourist stop in Kairouan, (Sidi El Sahbi)

G- Arrive at Ouedref; installation.

H- Meetings of the craftswomen and visits of the workshops.

I- Mergoum Workshops.

J- Visit the village of Matmata and its surroundings.

K- Departure from Djerba airport.