Padukas NGO- Ganeshpuri

Ganeshpuri (Virar) is a small village about 80km north of Mumbai. It was home to Bhagavan Nityananda from 1936 until he left his body in 1961. His samadhi shrine is now a focal part of the village and draws many pilgrims each year, especially at Guru Purnima. This is one of the very oldest temples near Mumbai and is said that spiritual personality people like Sai Baba has also visited here. Ganeshpuri temple is not only known for Nityananda Maharaj and Swami Muktananda deities and followers, who, in fact, are the most among other who visit this temple and the village. this holy place is known and famous for one more attraction it has which is a Natural hot water springs. Such springs which are open to public are within temple premises.

The nearest main city to Ganeshpuri is Mumbai. From Mumbai you can travel by car or by train and bus. The trip takes around 1.5 to 2 hours by car, and longer by train/bus.  28 Kilometres from Virar  Far inside villages which are homes to Adivasis and Warli community people, One can hardly see signs of urban development here. 

Our artisans from the Warli community form a part of  NGO, Shree Nityananda Education Trust. Tt has  various seva or social work projects in the Ganeshpuri area of Palgher District, Maharashtra, India. One of the trust's projects is improving the capacity of the local tribal families to earn a livelihood from their Native Art, sewing skills, and their innate ability to learn and master a new craft. 

The journey involves:

  • A stay in the Mountain Fires Retreat.
  • Possibility of Ayurvedic Massage.
  • Hot Natural Bath.
  • Eat local and organic food: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • A visit to a tribal village and meeting the villagers.
  • A crossing of the forest to the river near by.
  • A visit of the hot spring water and temples in the area.
Craft Workshop:
  • A  Craft workshop with the artisans.
  • A Warli painting Workshop.